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2017-04-01 11:21 pm
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Current Threads

* Threads with ota beside them are still open to tags. If you feel like hitting me up, I will happily thread with you!

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2012-03-20 05:35 pm
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go join this

It seems there is a new pokémon dressing room RP on Dreamwidth! Go join up and pimp it out and generally help it get off the ground! It takes place on a floating region in the sky, and I don't know much more yet, but I'm sure more information will be forthcoming!

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2010-06-21 10:33 am
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2010-05-23 09:13 pm
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Note: This is from the now-defunct game [livejournal.com profile] roadtoviridian. However, I still play Green this way, so you might find it useful!

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