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Note: This is from the now-defunct game [livejournal.com profile] roadtoviridian. However, I still play Green this way, so you might find it useful!

• player •
Name/Alias: Calico
LJ: [personal profile] tqbfjotlz
Contact Info: PMs @ Outstretched
Previous Characters: None

• canon character •
Name: Green
Age: 19
Hometown/Region: grew up in Pallet Town, currently resides in Viridian City, Kanto
Class: Rival, Leader
Team: For more information, go here.
Exeggutor, Machamp, Rhyperior, Arcanine, Tyranitar, and Pidgeot (all male).
Eevee hangs out with him all the time, but doesn't fight much. Eevee's very cute, pretty bouncy, and loves to play. She's picky about who she lets touch her, and is usually found perched on Green's shoulders; in her opinion, her trainer is the best jungle gym in the world. (Also, it keeps her away from those frustrating children with grabby hands.) She likes sweet things, especially pocky, and begs everyone she sees for food with ADORABLE PUPPY-DOG EYES. ...She's also extremely brutal on the battlefield but let's not talk about that.
Keeps Exeggutor, Alakazam, Heracross, and Gyarados in the box. He tends to rotate his team, though.
He also has a Rattata, a...present from Joey.

History: (I've discussed this with Red-mun and Leaf-mun! If you'd like to app someone close to Green (i.e. Prof. Oak, Daisy) and you don't like something in this app, I am more than happy to change Green's history to suit you.)
Let's go way back. Professor Oak's daughter eloped with a man he didn't approve of. Four years later, Green's mother died, and his father dumped Daisy, then four, and his newly born son—Green—on Professor Oak and left.

Green was practically raised by Red's mom and his older sister, and played happily with Red and Leaf, mostly because they were the only other kids in town. It was idyllic at first; sleepovers, Saturday morning cartoons, and camping in the backyard. Leaf shared his obsession with Pokémon, and Red was his ally against Leaf's cooties and wily girl ways. As he grew up, however, he started to realize that nobody expected much of him—blame it on the old belief in "bad genes" or the fact that he was growing up to look exactly like his father, but whatever the reason, Professor Oak was a cold and distant father figure. His confusion over being ignored eventually turned to frustration, and he became obsessed with the concept of proving himself. Once he realized that Professor Oak even preferred Red and Leaf to him, he turned into a bully, driving everyone away. Leaf was infuriated by his behavior, and the two often got into to fights. At the height of the tension, Green left for his Pokémon journey, always trying to stay one step ahead of Red. (Leaf was much less of a threat, but he still viewed her as a pseudo-rival because of their constant fighting.)

No matter what Green did, however, he always found himself second-best: even though he had more badges, even though he had the type advantage, Red beat him every time. He threw himself recklessly at his goal, sacrificing everything he had—even the life of his beloved Raticate—but it wasn't enough. His last and ultimate defeat was when Red stole the championship from him barely 24 hours after he'd achieved it, and he stormed out of the Champion's room, his grandfather's voice praising Red ringing dully in his ears.

Soon after this, he was offered the Gym Leader position, but rejected it; he didn't want a consolation prize. Instead, he traveled to the Sevii islands to run errands for the League/his grandfather and, more importantly, to regroup. However, everywhere he went, Red seemed to follow him like a bad idea. Driven to his wit's end, he eventually stomped off alone to Hoenn, the furthest place he could think of—he wanted to go somewhere where they'd never even heard of him—and lived there for a year, meeting people and exploring, although he didn't challenge the Gyms or really catch any new Pokémon; the former reminded him of Red, the latter reminded him of his grandfather's research. The only people he talked to were Leaf and, more rarely, Daisy, although he mostly spent the year alone. His team trained, and he fought whomever challenged him, but the year was mostly spent in exploration and contemplation. Eventually, he started to come to terms with it all—his failures, his limitations, who he really was—and began to understand his strengths. Near the end of his Hoenn tour, Leaf came over and they spent a few weeks together, Green showing her a few of his favorite places.

After the year was over, Green said good-bye to Leaf and came back to Kanto with new confidence and self-awareness. He accepted the Gym Leader position and soon adjusted to the paperwork, trainer battles, and city politics; Leaf and Green stayed in touch, and he visited Pallet Town occasionally (but tended to avoid Professor Oak).

When there was a Kanto Leader conference a few months later, he hadn't expected to see the Elite Four—or Red—there. They tried to ignore each other for a few days, but they had adjoining rooms and they always ended up going down the stupid elevator together, alone, and eventually Red broke the silence. Conversation was stilted at first, but eventually they ended up grabbing dinner together and reminiscing about the past, and soon they were friends again; awkward friends, but friends.

A few weeks later, Red told Green that he was going to go up to Mt. Silver to continue his training because the Championship was boring him. Green told him what he thought of it—that it was a terrible idea—and they ended up getting into a fight that quickly settled out. (Leaf returned to Kanto to discuss Red's decision with Green, but ultimately it came to nothing, and she returned to Hoenn.) Two weeks later, Green went up to visit Red for the first time, and he visited him since then until Red finally came down from the mountain after Ethan's victory.

When Red decided to keep traveling through Kanto and Johto, he was relieved that he was no longer going to die of hypothermia, but annoyed that Red was even further away most of the time. Green also grew accustomed to Leaf's easy-breezy presence in his life, and always keeps a stash of her favorite snacks in his kitchen in case she decides to crash at his place for a few days. (She's also one of the few people who knows where he keeps the spare key hidden, so she can come in at any time. Green complains about it, but he never moves the key, so.)

His life really hasn't changed much since HGSS—he explores Kanto and Johto (although he really doesn't go to other continents very often because of his gym responsibilities), keeps Red from forgetting to send his reports and sharpens his arguing skills with Leaf, keeps his couch open so Leaf can crash whenever she wants, maintains friendly relations with his trainers and fellow Gym Leaders, pummels challenging trainers, works on PR, hates taxes, schmoozes with the local politicians, helps out randomly around the city, raises money for his gym (why is there never enough? Oh right because PEOPLE KEEP BLOWING HIS GYM UP aaaargh), and feels smug because he could, if he chose, whip Lance's ass and take back his Championship title any time he wanted. He just doesn't feel like it.


Green's mellowed out considerably from the impetuous hothead that he used to be, but he's still kind of a jerk. His arrogance has settled into confidence, and his temper has cooled to laid-back calmness; he doesn't take any shit, but he doesn't have anything to prove, either. Overall, he knows himself pretty well.

He's pretty fastidious and takes good care of himself; he keeps his house clean, he knows how to iron, he can cook, etc. Traveling through Hoenn made him discover a fascination with earth science, which is why you can find him at Cinnabar in HGSS after the volcanic eruption, and he pursues this interest when he travels.

Being a gym leader (and taking care of Red, Leaf, and the various people he collects) for eight years has turned him into a responsible, highly reliable person, and being friends with Red has taught him how to read people and trained him to pay attention to minute details. He's an extrovert; he's ridiculously good at networking, and he can be super charming when he wants to be. He makes acquaintances easily, but he's a very private person who still makes very few real friends. While he's charming by default, as I've said before, he doesn't particularly go out of his way to help or do things for people; they have to prove that they're worth the effort to him first, and he usually just laughs at people when they dig themselves into a hole. If a person catches his interest, he's usually way nicer to them, and when someone completely gets past his walls, they can get away with murder and he mother hens all over them. A lot of his life is built around taking care of others, actually; the trainers in his gym, his Pokémon, his friends. He just doesn't talk about it very much. Sometimes it's just too exhausting, though, and he wanders off to go stare at rocks for a while.

He's still totally a troll, but he just doesn't say it out loud much anymore. He prefers to try to keep a level of srs bsns professionalism, but oh man. Sometimes it just slips out, he can't help it, he just has to troll. Also, damnit why does everyone bring up that he was the former champion just drop it okay

Sample I: (Mixed prompts 1 and 2, hope this isn't a problem!)
Oh, surprise. You're not picking up your phone.

Anyway, have you seen the ranking list? I'm last. Last. Yeah, what the fuck? You're still first, of course, before you ask. But seriously? LAST? I haven't given out a badge in months! Even Joey is higher than me right now.

No one else is really screwed up—it's you then Ethan, like always, and after my usual place it's Blaine, then Sabrina, and all the way down like usual.

I know you're smirking. I can SEE you smirking from here. Stop it, you jerk, I'm serious. I think it might be a prank, but I can't figure out who would screw with the rankings like that. There aren't many people, right?

Wait. Wait. It—

It wasn't you, right?

Come on, man, tell me it wasn't you.


Whatever. Just call me back, okay?

...It better not have been you, Red, or I'm gonna kill you. You hear me? KILL YOU.


Sample II:
It had been like this all week, barely dodging one annoying situation after another; first there was that stupid kid who nearly beat him, then one of his trainers came down sick and he'd had to scramble for an alternate, and then there was the trainer today who didn't stand a chance and made him feel kind of guilty afterwards. (Who sent out a Venomoth against an Arcanine, anyway? Damnit, he hated making kids cry.)

Green had been so busy that he hadn't even had time to buy groceries, and so even though he was tired, even though the sun had set two hours ago and the only place that was still open was clear across town, he was walking through the darkened streets, muttering to himself.

He hadn't been sleeping well, and he couldn't stop staring at his phone. Green was the one who hung up last week, because Red hadn't been saying anything but damn him, he didn't need to—he had known his friend was listening, but not really, not in a way that would make any difference. Red was going to do exactly as he wanted, as always, and Green was going to have to pick up the pieces afterwards, like always.

Red was probably off getting himself killed right now, despite his friend's protests. But since Green was the one who had hung up, he was the one who had to call back, and damnit, he didn't feel like it.

He finally got to the store. There was a pretty shopkeeper there, and vaguely, he wondered if he recognized her from somewhere, but he put it out of his mind. Instead, he lifted a hand and gave her a little smile, not really in the mood for conversation. He hoped she wouldn't want to start one.

The milk was against the wall in a little freezer, and next to it was a display full of candy and snacks. Green's eye snagged on the pocky, and he froze, a lump forming in his throat.

He woke up a minute later when he heard someone behind him. His head jerked up as he realized that he was reaching for the pocky, the pocky, and he coughed to try and hide his embarrassment. Eevee headbutted him when he snatched his hand back; she always decimated Red's pocky supply every time she saw him. The Pokémon glanced back and forth from her trainer to the pocky, still looking somewhat hopeful.

"Um. Hey," Green said, turning to face whoever it was and trying to give them an easy smile. It came out looking a little forced.