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OOC: Character Mememememememe

01. Full name - Green Oak. Although Oak is his maternal grandfather in my headcanon, he just adopted the name.

02. Best friend - (in order) Red/Leaf, Brendan, Brock, May.

03. Sexuality – 2 on the Kinsey Scale

04. Favorite color – green

05. Relationship status - Single

06. Ideal mate - Someone who's both physically and mentally attractive; a challenge, someone who gives back as good as they get; an intelligent and independent person.

07. Turn-ons - Confidence, killer curves/hips/legs/proportions, knowing what they want and how to get it, somehow being intriguing/catching his attention and making him think they're different from the rest.

09. Favorite food - Udon, katsu, shabu-shabu. He doesn't like pocky, damnit. He doesn't.

10. Crushes - diaf kthx <3 (please, it's not like you don't already know them.)

11. Favorite music - Actually, he really likes J-rock; stuff like Asian Kung-Fu Generation or Uverworld or High and Mighty Color. Weird engrish is a plus: example. He may also like PERFUME and things that are full of hooks and have an electronica-inspired sound, considering that he's the one who got Silver into liking J-pop.
...He likes to rock out with his earplugs in when he cooks.

12. Biggest fear - Something happening to the people or Pokémon he cares about.

13. Biggest fantasy - Finding someone to actually settle down with, going to Sinnoh.

14. Quirks in bed - dfaj;klfjas, um, he's actually kind of a romantic; he may also be into doing it in public places; he...greatly prefers topping, but he thinks having to fight for dominance is kind of a turn-on, and if the fight is good enough, he enjoys bottoming more than he'd probably admit to.

15. Bad habits - If he isn't careful, the most horrible things will come flying out of his mouth before he can stop himself.

16. Biggest regret - His raticate, ...not having the championship for more than a week. (Come on, even two weeks....)

17. Best kept secrets - His raticate. Who he likes (or so he tells himself). How to get to him in his gym directly without having to navigate all the stupid spinny tiles. And sometimes...he doesn't actually like being a gym leader. You can tell when he's in one of those funks because he's busy wandering off.

18. Last thought - "Eevee, get off the table. Your food's coming."

19. Worst sexual/romantic experience - Misty + Starmie ;A; (ask Jen for the story, since she knows it now XD)
....Or that one time he nearly went all the way with Leaf but then broke it off at the last second because that's the moment he realized he actually loved someone, and it wasn't that girl >_>

20. Biggest insecurity - Deep down, he's still afraid that people are going to leave. Especially the ones he cares about the most.

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